JAILTM - JavaScript Artificial Intelligence Language

JAIL is a framework that enables the design and deployment of Artificial Intelligence products in a straightforward way.

It is meant to be compact, fast and simple to use. As an extension of JavaScript, it can be deployed almost anywhere and has worked on PCs, Macs, Ipads, cell phones, game consoles, and web TVs. In addition, it gains the advantage of speed through the use of Just-In-Time (JIT) compilation on most platforms.

By using JAIL, the user can create and capture knowledge bases, perform natural language processing (NLP), and build a conversational Intelligent Agent. The technology enables deep neural nets, which can handle fuzzy inputs and prioritized outputs. Response time is often in the sub-second range.

A neuron is the basic unit of the nervous system. In JAIL, "neuron" is a good description of the basic unit that processes and transmits (or inhibits) information. A neuron typically has two parts; an input side which gets "excited" if the input matches, and an output side, which transmits information to other parts of the system. The two sides can be linked in a variety of fashions.

The approach in Skynet-AI can be thought of as a simple neural network. It has an input layer, a hidden layer (where the neurons reside) and an output layer. Some of functions in JAIL make it easier to build and process "neurons", thereby creating the illusion of intelligence. Skynet-AI uses unsupervised learning during the conversation and can add new neurons on the fly. It has short and long term memory but learning from long term memory is only done under supervision.